Paradise Island Bahamas

The client wanted a new home for his children, parents and staff built on three adjacent oceanfront lots. The house is located on a north-west/south-east axis and comprises two distinct volumes: a two-storey south-west wing containing dining, kitchen and service functions on the ground floor and family bedrooms on the first – and a north-east wing containing a double-height living room, games room, gym and home office, with guest suites on the upper floor. The two wings are connected by a double-height entrance hall, articulated on the front elevation as a single, low, deep-set puncture in an otherwise solid plane. This single opening frames a spectacular view through the house towards the ocean beyond. The south-facing elevation shelters the house from the sun, its green wall and windowless facade providing cooling for the building as well as maximum privacy. The north-west facing elevation is almost completely transparent, opening the house to the gardens and maximising the impact of the ocean view and blurring the boundary between interior and exterior.