Melli Bank Offices

We designed a new corporate headquarters for an international bank in the City of London. The client was keen to create an environment that reflected the Iranian culture of the bank and its employees. We designed a system of timber screens that framed the offices and ancillary functions . The decorative part of the screens is based on Arabic calligraphy, spelling out the words for ‘Allah’ & ‘Melli’. Melli translastes as ‘national’ in Farsi. We sourced prints from an Iranian artist that were enlarged and used as digital wallpaper. The prints were used as a feature wall in all meeting rooms and executive offices. The offices included executive offices, a trading room and a staff cafe. We also designed a tellers desk where we had artists recreate a mural from the ancient capital at Persepolis. The graphics we used were also employed for their new business cards and other branding.

We designed these offices whilst at HLW. Originate subsequently returned to Melli Bank to advise them on further changes to their offices.